Thursday, December 30, 2010


The Top 10 1980s Vintage Skateboard T-Shirts

1. Vintage Santa Cruz Screaming Hand t-shirt
2. Vintage Powell Peralta Ripper t-shirt
3. Vintage Zorlac Pirate t-shirt
4. Vintage
Santa Monica Airlines Natas 3 t-shirt
5. Vintage Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp face t-shirt
6. Vintage Santa Cruz Steve Alba tiger t-shirt
7. Vintage
Thrasher Pushead t-shirt
8. Vintage Powell Peralta Per Welinder t-shirt
9. Vintage Powell Peralta Ray Bones Original Skull and Sword t-shirt
10.Vintage Thrasher Skate Rock t-shirt

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vintage Lightning Bolt Shirts

Lightning Bolt shirts are the bi-product of a Hawaiian brand of surfboards that began to take shape in the late 1960s. By the latter part of the 1970s the surf board was being ridden by the top names in the sport and the company extended their brand to apparel. Their shirts usually featured a beautifully detailed surf inspired landscape across the chest or back (above left) or refined details for prints on terry cloth material (above right). These shirts can also be easily identified by an embroidered outline of a lightning bolt on the fabric at the base of the buttons (which were made of wood). The popularity of the brand was mainly indigenous to California where it became the brand of choice for surfers and skateboarders and then became trendy leisure wear for the masses. In recent years their vintage shirts have made waves as one of the most sought after polo style t-shirts around.

Vintage Ocean Pacific shirts featuring similar landscape chest designs are fast becoming popular vintage polos. Waves (left) and Pipeline are two of the more obscure vintage polo brands that share the same design inspiration. The generic tourist Hawaiian polo (right) also utilizes the cross chest design.

The King’s Identity Crisis

There’s a lot of history at 430 King’s Road in London’s Chelsea district. These rare t-shirts are just a few of the many designs that originated from the various incarnations of the address in the 1970s.

Before the history lesson begins you might be interested to know that the extremely rare vintage t-shirts above (and many others) are currently up for auction by a single seller who purchased them all first hand.

In 1971 the King’s Road location was known as Paradise Garage and future Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and partner Patrick Casey manned a little rock memorabilia stand located in the back of the store. When the owners of Paradise got evicted McLaren and Casey took over the entire venue and named it Let it Rock expanding their inventory with clothing that was designed by McLaren’s school teacher girlfriend Vivienne Westwood.

In 1972 the shop was re-named Too Fast To Live, To Young to Die and focused on early 1960s rock culture and fashion. This incarnation’s moniker was self-fulfilling prophecy – not even two years later it was no longer living. McLaren and Westwood decided to close up shop because of thievery and threats from the infamous Teddy Boy gang.

In 1974 the shop was gutted, renovated and re-opened under the name SEX. The store specialized in fetish and bondage gear as well as numerous t-shirt designs that caused an uproar by depicting Taboo sexual imagery, ie gay cowboys – think Brokeback three decades ago.

In 1975 McLaren began to manage a band called The Strand that would become the Sex Pistols and Johnny Rotten actually auditioned for the band in the store. Shortly after the shop was once again re-named Seditionaries and the inventory reflected the surging popularity of the Sex Pistols who were decked out in designer Seds duds from the get-go. And with Sid Vicious reportedly banking hours as an employee, shoplifting was most likely at an all time low.

McLaren and Westwood’s relationship eventually deteriorated, they split and closed the store in September of 1980. In 1981 the venue underwent its final make-over and began operating as World’s End. The location is still in operation and the amazingly the name seems has survived two decades and appears to have stuck. The once mom and pop operation is now in the hands of their son, Joe Corre.

How fitting the once controversial shirts have continued to cause a stir in modern times. In 2008 it was revealed that massive amounts of counterfeit Seds clothing had changed hands and even duped museum experts. A battle between McClaren and the alleged distributor of the fakes ensued and was documented by numerous fashion blogs.

Vintage 1966 Beatles Butcher Album Cover t-shirt

The image on this is t-shirt is the banned artwork for Yesterday and Today “butcher” album which features dismembered dolls and bloody meat. Immediately after its release Capitol received a massive amount of complaints from record stores which prompted a recall. The albums were originally slated to be destroyed but then Capitol opted to glue a more cost effective replacement panel over top. When the word got out about the refurbished cover most owners did some butchering of their own by trying to peel off the panel. These attempts to view the original image left many Beatles fans with mangled and worthless “third state” copies. A copy with the replacement cover left unscathed (below, right) is called “second state” and has been skyrocketing in value due to rarity resulting from the peeling trend that occurred for decades. The original un-glued versions known as “first state” are worth a small fortune.

Is it possible that Capitol would have released promo t-shirts like the record store poster (above, middle) and this one escaped the recall? Or is this one of the earliest examples of bootlegging to capitalize on hype and cater to the rebellious? Does the possibility that John Lennon had it in his possession provide any insight? Does the Pakistan tag offer any clues?


Michael jackson, lagend pop dunia..yang penuh kontroversi..untuk ruangan kali ini ikan lemas paparkan mengenai concert MJ sepanjang tahun 1988 yang mana diadakan di beberappa buah negara,seperti japan,german,usa dan banyak lagi...setiap concert yang diadakan menarik puluhan ribu penonton...antara penaja yang menaja konsert bad tour 1988 adalah pepsi...bayangkan baju yang tercetak sepanjang tahun 1988...